Hello again!

So I did not post anything in recent months for a number of reasons, as I was working mainly on setting up my own cloud infrastructure using my own custom Puppet modules, Gitlab, Jenkins, Kubernetes etc.

Since I am making good progress on that end, I will start posting regularly again as I go along. Some major topic will be the automation of Kubernetes through CICD pipelines. There is a lot of stuff already out there for manual setup steps, but since I am working in the field of automation through DevOPS methods, this will be my area to brag about.

I'll most likely also posting about services offered on this site as they become available, for instance software repositories with attached CICD, automated testing and such things, starting with Kubernetes – What’s all the fuzz about it?

In any case, feel free to contact me via the contact form or better yet, subscribe to get access to all the goodies.

See you then!

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