Puppet is a fantastic framework for configuration management widely based on DevOPS methods and Infrastructure as Code.

A great number of general puppet modules are already available, i.e. on Github or the Puppet forge.

When implementing Puppet modules, it is important check on a few things before using downloaded Puppet modules:

  • Does the module do things exactly as needed  in your specific  IT environment?
    Software used in your infrastructure should do  exactly whats needed. Not more, not less.
  • Is the  module compatible with other modules  in your Puppet catalogue?  Are there no conflicts?
    Puppet does not allow a resource to be controlled by multiple classes. It is rather likely, that modules written by independent authors are conflicting  in way or another.
  • Is it  properly tested and following style guidelines?
  • Is it properly documented?
  • Does it follow security guidelines and best practices?

We can provide services on writing Puppet modules to your exact needs and specs. All modules are tested to be compatible within our overall catalogue and properly tested after every single commit.

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