cd_puppet | parameters

  • domain (string) (defaults to: :domain, ) —

    specify the name of the domain. derived from domain fact,

  • puppet_server: (string) —

    specidy the name of the puppet server. change to array when using multiple puppet servers.

  • pp_version: (string) —

    specify the version of puppet to be used. Valid options are 3 or 5.

  • pp_user (string) (defaults to: uppet', ) —

    the name of the puppet service user

  • pp_user_comment (string) (defaults to: uppet user', ) —

    the comment for the puppet service user, shows up in emails sent by the service etc.

  • pp_user_home (string) (defaults to: var/lib/puppet', ) —

    the home for the puppet servic euser

  • pp_user_shell (string) (defaults to: sbin/nologin', ) —

    the shell for the puppet service user

  • pp_uid (string) (defaults to: 2', ) —

    the UID and GID for the puppet service user

  • pp_enable_repo (string) (defaults to: ', ) —

    whether to enable the yum repo. options are 1 and 0.

  • pp_pkg_ensure (string) (defaults to: atest', ) —

    the desired status of the packages. Valid options are latestpresentabsent.

  • report (boolean) (defaults to: ue, ) —

    wether to report the results of puppet runs and facts

  • pluginsync (boolean) (defaults to: ue, ) —

    whether to synchronize acroos plugins

  • masterport (string) (defaults to: 140', ) —

    the port wthere the puppet server listens to. also opened in fw if used.

  • environment (string) (defaults to: roduction', ) —

    the puppet environment

  • tags (string) (defaults to: ) —

    specify puppet Tags to use to find resources. If this is set, then only resources tagged with the specified tags will be applied. Values must be comma-separated.

  • listen (boolen) (defaults to: lse, ) —

    Whether puppet agent should listen for connections. If this is true, then by default only the runner server is started, which allows remote authorized and authenticated nodes to connect and trigger puppet agent runs.

  • splay (boolean) (defaults to: lse, ) —

    Whether to sleep for a pseudo-random (but consistent) amount of time before a run.

  • splaylimit (string) (defaults to: 800', ) —

    The maximum time to delay before runs.

  • runinterval (string) (defaults to: 800', ) —

    How often puppet agent applies the client configuration; in seconds.

  • noop (boolean) (defaults to: lse, ) —

    Whether puppet agent should be run in noop mode.

  • configtimeout (string) (defaults to: 20', ) —

    How long the client should wait for the configuration to be retrieved before considering it a failure. This can help reduce flapping if too many clients contact the server at one time.

  • usecacheonfailure (boolean) (defaults to: ue, ) —

    Whether to use the cached configuration when the remote configuration will not compile.

  • certname (string) (defaults to: :fqdn, ) —

    The name to use when handling certificates.

  • show_diff (boolean) (defaults to: lse, ) —

    Whether to print a contextual diff when files are being replaced.

  • waitforcert (string) (defaults to: 0m', ) —

    How frequently puppet agent should ask for a signed certificate.When starting for the first time, puppet agent will submit a certificate signing request (CSR) to the server named in the ca_server setting (usually the puppet master); this may be autosigned, or may need to be approved by a human, depending on the CA server’s configuration. Puppet agent cannot apply configurations until its approved certificate is available. Since the certificate may or may not be available immediately, puppet agent will repeatedly try to fetch it at this interval. You can turn off waiting for certificates by specifying a time of 0, in which case puppet agent will exit if it cannot get a cert. This setting can be a time interval in seconds (30 or 30s), minutes (30m), hours (6h), days (2d), or years (5y).

  • reports (string) (defaults to: oreman', ) —

    where to submit reports to.

  • node_terminus (string) (defaults to: xec', ) —

    Which node data plugin to use when compiling node catalogs.

  • ca (boolean) (defaults to: ue, ) —

    Wether the master should function as a certificate authority.

  • strict_variables (boolean) (defaults to: lse, ) —

    Causes an evaluation error when referencing unknown variables. (This does not affect referencing variables that are explicitly set to undef).

  • parser (string) (defaults to: urrent', ) —

    Selects the parser to use for parsing puppet manifests

  • pp_enable_fw (boolean) (defaults to: ue, ) —

    whether to enable firewall management with this module.

  • puppet_server (Any) (defaults to:', )
  • pp_version (Any) (defaults to: ', )
  • default_schedules (Any) (defaults to: lse, )
  • pp_order_number (Any) (defaults to: ', )

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