cd_nrpe | Parameters

  • pkg_ensure (string) (defaults to: 'latest')

    which package type to choose, i.e. latest or present.

  • ne_log_facility (string) (defaults to: 'daemon')

    the log facility to use.

  • ne_log_file (string) (defaults to: '')

    If a log file is specified in this option, nrpe will write to that file instead of using syslog. i.e. /var/run/nrpe.log

  • ne_debug (string) (defaults to: '0')

    Whether debugging messages are logged to the syslog facility.

  • ne_nrpe_port (string) (defaults to: '5666')

    the NRPE port. used in firewall ( optional) and configuration file.

  • ne_listen_queue_size (string) (defaults to: '5')

    Listen queue size (backlog) for serving incoming connections.

  • ne_nagios_server (string) (defaults to: $::nagios_server)

    ipaddress of the nagios server to be allowed to connect to NRPE service. Default is to look up a global parameter from ENC.

  • ne_dont_blame_nrpe (string) (defaults to: '1')

    whether or not the NRPE daemon will allow clients to specify arguments to commands that are executed.

  • ne_allow_bash_cmd_subst (string) (defaults to: '1')

    whether or not the NRPE daemon will allow clients to specify arguments that contain bash command substitutions of the form $(...).

  • ne_allow_sudo (boolean) (defaults to: true)

    Whether to allow sudo access. used in nrpe.cfg as well as for creating a sudo role.

  • ne_command_prefix (string) (defaults to: '/usr/bin/sudo')

    allows you to prefix all commands with a user-defined string.

  • ne_incl_fw (string) (defaults to: true)

    Whether to include firewall rules

  • ne_command_timeout (string) (defaults to: '60')

    maximum number of seconds that the NRPE daemon will allow plugins to finish executing before killing them off.

  • ne_connection_timeout (string) (defaults to: '300')

    maximum number of seconds that the NRPE daemon will wait for a connection to be established before exiting.

  • ne_ssl_version (string) (defaults to: 'TLSv2+')

    These directives allow you to specify how to use SSL/TLS.

  • ne_ssl_use_adh (string) (defaults to: '1')

    This is for backward compatibility and is DEPRECATED. Set to 1 to enable ADH or 2 to require ADH. 1 is currently the default but will be changed in a later version.

  • ne_ssl_cipher_list (string) (defaults to: 'ALL:!aNULL:!eNULL:!SSLv2:!LOW:!EXP:!RC4:!MD5:@STRENGTH')

    ciphers can be used. For backward compatibility, this defaults to 'ssl_cipher_list=ALL:!MD5:@STRENGTH' in this version but will be changed in a later version of NRPE.

  • ne_ssl_cacert_file (string) (defaults to: '/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-chain.crt.pem')

    path and name of the ssl certificate authority (ca) file / chain. must be full path.

  • ne_ssl_cert_file (string) (defaults to: "/etc/pki/tls/certs/${::fqdn}.crt.pem")

    path and name of the server ssl certificate. must include full path.

  • ne_ssl_privatekey_file (string) (defaults to: "/etc/pki/tls/private/${::fqdn}.key.pem")

    path and name of the server ssl private key. Must include full path.

  • ne_ssl_client_certs (string) (defaults to: '2')

    determines client certificate usage. Values: 0 = Don't ask for or require client certificates 1 = Ask for client certificates 2 = Require client certificates

  • ne_ssl_logging (string) (defaults to: '0x00')

    determines which SSL messages are send to syslog. OR values together to specify multiple options. Values: 0x00 (0) = No additional logging (default) 0x01 (1) = Log startup SSL/TLS parameters 0x02 (2) = Log remote IP address 0x04 (4) = Log SSL/TLS version of connections 0x08 (8) = Log which cipher is being used for the connection 0x10 (16) = Log if client has a certificate 0x20 (32) = Log details of client's certificate if it has one -1 or 0xff or 0x2f = All of the above

  • ne_nasty_metachars (array) (defaults to: ["|`&><'\\[]{};\r\n"])

    list of characters that cannot

  • ne_include_file (string) (defaults to: '')

    include definitions from an external config file.

  • ne_fw_order_no (string) (defaults to: '50')

    ordering prefix for he firewall rules. Adjust to your environment if needed.

  • ne_ssl_opts (string) (defaults to: '')

    Specify additional SSL options.

  • ne_user (string) (defaults to: 'nrpe')

    the NRPE service user

  • ne_user_comment (string) (defaults to: 'NRPE service user')

    The comment for the service user /etc/passwd

  • ne_user_uid (string) (defaults to: '1005')

    the UID for the service user

  • ne_user_home (string) (defaults to: '/var/run/nrpe')

    the home for the service user

  • ne_user_shell (string) (defaults to: '/sbin/nologin')

    the shell for the service user.

  • ne_user_groups (string) (defaults to: undef)

    additional groups for the service user.

  • ne_server_address (string) (defaults to: '')

    the network interfaces to listen on

  • ne_allow_weak_rnd_seed (string) (defaults to: '1')

    Whether to allow weak random seeds

  • ne_include_selinux (string) (defaults to: true)

    Whether to manage selinux

  • ne_enable_ssl (boolean) (defaults to: false)

    Whether to enable SSL certificates.

  • ne_manage_cmds (boolean) (defaults to: true)

    Whether to manage command rules for NRPE checks, to allow dynamic check & command rules.

    Parameters in defines

  • ne_check_cmd (string) (defaults to: undef)

    Specify the check_command to use.

  • ne_cmd_path (string) (defaults to: '/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/')

    The path to the command scripts, usually where the nagis_plugins are located. If you use your own scripts, specify the custom location including the trailing slash

  • ne_cmd_argstring (Any) (defaults to: undef)

    Specify the string of valid argument for the command , i.e. -w $ARG1$ -c $ARG2$. See the arguments in th eman pages for the checks.

  • ne_cmd_comment (string) (defaults to: '')

    Specify an optional comment for your command definition

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